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Learn About Electromagnetic Flow Meter Described by Electromagnetic Flow Meter Manufacturers



Working Principal:


At the point when a flowing directing liquid is subjected to a transverse magnetic field, the flowing leading liquid cuts the magnetic field and makes a voltage be emerge. This incited voltage is relative to the liquid speed, which is flow rate.




The fundamental parts of this instrument are as per the following:

A directing liquid is flowing through a non-magnetic and non-leading funnel, whose flow rate is to be estimated.

Two anodes are appended in inverse sides of pipe conveying the directing liquid. These anodes are in contact with the flowing leading liquid.

The pipe is encompassed by an electromagnet which produces which delivers a magnetic field.






This electromagnetic flow meter depends on Faraday's law of incited voltage which is given as takes after,



E = initiated voltage (volts)

B = flux density (Gauss)

L = Length of conductor which is the diameter of the pipe (cm)

V = Average speed of conductor (liquid) in cm/sec

At the point when the leading liquid flows through the pipe which is subjected to a magnetic field, the directing liquid cuts the magnetic field and because of this a voltage is prompted. As the magnetic field is consistent, voltage got over the terminals will be specifically corresponding to normal liquid speed and diameter (length) and consequently turns into a measure of volume flow rate.




Used to gauge flow rates of directing liquids.

Used to quantify flow rates of slurry, destructive and rough liquids.

Electromagnetic flow meter is utilized to quantify bidirectional flows by turning around associations which should be possible consequently.


Benefits of Electromagnetic flow meter:


These meters don't make impediment flow and henceforth cause no weight drop.

For estimations, it doesn't make a difference whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.

It gives exact outcomes.

Its unwavering quality is high, that is, it gives a standard execution for a stretched timeframe.

It can deal with oily materials and liquids containing suspended solids.

The estimation is free of consistency, thickness, temperature and weight.


Disadvantages Defined By electromagnetic flow meter manufacturers:


The liquid whose flow rate is to be estimated ought to fulfil certain conduction conditions.

The liquid ought to be full in the pipe to get precise outcomes.

Air and gas rises in the liquid will cause mistakes. With specific liquids, the anodes may get covered with scales and this will influence the yield flag. Be that as it may, this can be taken care off by cleaning the anodes.